About Us
The National Green Gas Medical Waste Division (“NGG”) was founded in 2009. Our business is to convert Medical Waste into unrecognizable Solid Waste using a novel ozone-based destruction system. We are the Newest, Most Cost Effective, and Greenest Medical Waste treatment Company in California:


  •  Cost Effective and Local—We destroy wastes locally at our newly approved Indio, CA facility and pass the saved out-of-state transportation costs from our competitors onto you. Our new low-energy ozonation treatment process further reduces your costs! Our process is the ONLY such in-State process approved by the State of California Dept of Public Health
  • Broadest Treatment Options Available in California—We treat a broader spectrum of wastes than any other available in-State technology
    • Red Bag (Bio-hazardous)
    • Sharps
    • Pathological
    • Animal
    • Suction Canisters
    • Specialized research materials
  • Greenest—Our technology has the lowest environmental impact available
    • Employs nature's natural purifier-Ozone
    • State-of-the-art shredding reduces waste volume by 90%
    • Renders waste unrecognizable as half-inch confetti and meets HIPAA requirements
    • No high temperatures, pressures, or troublesome chemical residues- we emit Oxygen!
    • Uses less than one gallon of water per hour
    • Landfill ready solid waste output